• When you want to provide specific information only to certain people
  • When you want to generate extra income
  • When you want to provide support for clients
  • When you want your Company staff, Executives, Sales Team, Investors to easily access company information and documents online, anywhere.
  • When you put on a workshop or seminars and want the attendees to have access to your notes easily at the same time promote your website
  • When you want to give one client individual attention and provide him/her with information that no one else will see.
  • When you want to offer clients discounts on your products as a reward for being a member of your website

Access the group module in your WebPowerUp Control Panel

Fill in the required fields

Decide if you want to let anybody register for the group or create a unique access code to keep it hidden from the public.

Decide if you will make the group Free or charge for it.

Start to promote it!

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